Cleveland Indians

2013 Prospect Rankings                                                    Scouting Reports (Date Written)

1. Francisco Lindor (SS)                                                     Trevor Bauer (12/13/11)
2. Trevor Bauer (RHP)                                                      Francisco Lindor (12/27/11)
3. Dorssys Paulino (SS)                                                      Tyler Naquin (5/25/12)
4. Mitch Brown (RHP)                                                       Dorssys Paulino (8/24/12)
5. Ronny Rodriguez (SS)                                                   Ronny Rodriguez (10/4/12)
6. Luigi Rodriguez (OF)                                                     Anthony Santander (12/23/12)
7. Anthony Santander (OF)
8. Tyler Naquin (OF)
9. Danny Salazar (RHP)
10. Dillon Howard (RHP)
11. Cody Allen (RHP)
12. Scott Barnes (LHP)
13. Tony Wolters (INF)
14. Dylan Baker (RHP)
15. Jorge Martinez (OF)

Previous Rankings: 2012

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