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6 Responses to Contact BPN

  1. Steve Howell says:

    How do you find 40 hours in every day, 10 days every week, and 70 weeks in every year? Great website!!! And oh yea, will the Pirates continue to suck forever? Or will they finally start paying some of their talent, keep them on the roster, and stop being a minor league fanchise for real MLB teams? MLB owners should be forced to spend at least 85 to 90% of all shared revenue monies on players and not just stuff it in their pockets. A small thing, but “Do you have a question for PBN?”, should that be “BPN”?

  2. Joe BO says:

    Reviewed with dismay that among the your top 15 Red Sox prospects there are no decent outfielders – especially old-fashioned 4-tool (hit for power & ave and field & throw) right fielders.

  3. Greg says:

    Hi Mark , I’m Greg from south Florida , I actually am a college baseball player and am really interested in prospects and scouting , I actually have taken my time to see various pro prospects while playing against them in high school , I feel I have a keen eye for this type of work as well as it being my biggest passion aside from baseball. The purpose of this comment is to see if you had any direction on where I could take this passion and make it a career since you seem to know a good deal about this topic .
    Thanks , Greg .

    • Mark A. says:

      All I can suggest is keep getting out to games. Keep introducing yourself to scouts and other people in the game. And most importantly, keep trying to learn as much as you possibly can from those that do it for a living. Best of luck!!

  4. rogervdh says:

    A treasure trove of great information and no search function? What am I missing?

  5. Justin says:

    Is this site over? That would be a bummer – it was really a great site. I hope you’re well whatever you’re doing.

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