Scouting Report: Angelo Gumbs (2B)

BLUF: Dynamic athlete with the potential to contribute significantly in every phase of the game.

The Player: Angelo Gumbs (2B, New York Yankees) – The Yankees 2nd round pick in 2010, Gumbs hit .192 in just seven games after signing for $750,000 that summer. He played 51 games for Staten Island in the NYPL in 2011, hitting .264/.332/.406 in the process. With Low-A Charleston in 2012, Gumbs played just 67 games before missing the remainder of the season with a torn ligament in his non-throwing elbow. During his time on the field, Gumbs hit .272 with 14 doubles, seven home runs and 26 steals.

Basis of Report: Compilation – Personal Observation (NYPL 2011), Industry Contacts

Scouting Report

Body (6-0, 175): Excellent athlete. Plus body. Built like a football defensive back. Explosive and wiry strong. Excellent body and athleticism overall.
Hit: Has coordination, hands and bat speed ot hit for average. Very unrefined hitter. Leg kick doesn’t help timing and frequently leaves him out front on secondary pitches. Extremely quick hands but doesn’t always control the barrel of the bat well. Needs to refine ability to adjust to breaking balls mid-swing. At his best, can lace line drives to all fields with particularly affinity for right-center field gap. Potential for average hit tool utility with adjustments to pre-swing movements and consistent work on pitch recognition and strike zone knowledge. Grade – 30/50
Has juice in his bat. Swings hard but with some control. Generates easy plus bat speed. Ball jumps off his bat in BP and games. Tons of gap projection and with more consistent hitting utility, could show average home run power. Power ceiling stops at 25-30 doubles and 15 home runs. Grade (raw power) – 40/50
Good arm strength. Had enough arm strength to stay on left side of the infield but rest of actions wouldn’t support it. Earns consistent plus grades. Grade – 60/60
Still relatively new to the position but showing some aptitude. Has athleticism to make transition. God first-step quickness and moves easily to both sides. Plus range for keystone. Has arm strength for every play at the position. Good hands and developing instincts. Potential solid defender but will take time. Scouts are split between present 30 or 40, but I give the benefit of the doubt given the growth I saw in 2011 and what I heard this year. Grade – 40/50
True plus times from home to first. Gets out of the box well and gets up to speed quickly. Not a burner but has explosiveness in running ability. Highly instinctual on the bases that helps his speed play up a grade at times. Athleticism should allow him to maintain his speed long term. Grade – 60/60

Summation:  Broad tool set with potential for high-end utility across the board. Hit and power both have potential to top out as average tools. Shows good feel for transitioning tools to game action for his age but still requires multiple grade jump in hit tool utility. Hit tool represents highest risk point of profile and could limit his ultimate ceiling. Defense is developing well and he should be a solid defender in every respect. Speed is an important part of his game with plus raw speed and exceptional ability to utilize it in game situations. Potential average hitter with 15+ doubles, 15 home runs and 25-30 steals. Rare 2B prospect with true impact potential that is visible in the lower minors. Potential dynamic keystone player that contributes in every facet of the game.

Relative Risk: Moderate. Broad skill set and intelligence mitigate distance from full hit-tool utility and MLB.

Future: The missed time in 2012 hurt his development but he should still be ready for High-A in 2013. Has work to do on offensive and defensive games and is likely to progress one level at a time. Has the potential to succeed Robinson Cano in New York down the line.

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