Accountability Check: Twins 2012 Top 15 Prospects

Minnesota Twins 2012 Top 15 Prospects (1/27/12)

I’ve long considered myself pretty well tuned into the Twins farm system, not because of some concentrated effort, but just the virtue of the games I see and the scouts I speak with. I have a high level of personal familiarity with the Twins players along with the ability to gain additional insights from outside the organization. As a result, I’m quite pleased with the results of last year’s Twins rankings.

Ranking Miguel Sano and Eddie Rosario was not a difficult decision. Continuing to rank Aaron Hicks highly took a leap of faith in both what I had seen previously and what scouts told me following the 2011 season. Always an ultra-toolsy player, Hicks started to show signs that he was figuring it out late that season and it showed in 2012. Keeping faith in his tools because of the hints of progress was a wise move.

Last year’s rankings was the first time I pushed Joe Benson up the list and in hindsight, there really wasn’t anything different about his profile that should have caused me to do that. I’m disappointed I didn’t stand by what I had felt in previous years.

Levi Michael represented a little bit of a blind spot for me last year; a blind spot that forced me to rely heavily on amateur reports that were far more positive than what pro scouts saw throughout 2012. Michael isn’t nearly the prospect he was billed as at times and I wish I had gained enough insight to determine that earlier.

The rest of the players in the Top 15 made sense in some fashion or another, whether because of proximity to some type of big league contribution or because of long-term upside. I feel my decisions were sound. I also don’t look back and find that I omitted any prospects that blatantly should have been on the list last year. In total, my 2012 Twins rankings represents one of the lists I am most pleased with.

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