Scouting Report: Corey Seager (SS)

BLUF: Good feel for the game at a young age with excellent tools across the board; lots of potential.

The Player: Corey Seager (SS, Los Angeles Dodgers) – The younger brother of the Mariners Kyle Seager, Corey was the Dodgers first round pick last year, 18th overall. He signed shortly after the draft and played 46 games for Ogden in the rookie-level Pioneer League, posting a .309/.383/.520 line as an 18-year old.

Basis of Report: Compilation – Industry Contacts

Scouting Report

Body (6-3, 195): Premium body. Very good athlete. Long and lean with room for additional strength without compromising athleticism or quickness. Good present strength. Two paths for physical projection; remain long, lean athlete with some additional strength, or thicken up with maturity and become a physical beast.
Hit: Natural hitter. Consistent swing path and hands work well throughout the swing. Simple trigger allows him to get the bat to the zone quickly. Plus bat speed that could get even better with more strength. Struggles to control barrel of the bat at times; that should improve with added strength. Potential for above-average to plus hitting ability if everything develops properly. Even without reaching max potential, enough feel to hit .270-.275 at his peak. Controls the strike zone well and should add some on-base ability on top of batting average. Grade – 30/50
Bat speed allows for good present pop. Can drive the ball to the gaps with ease at present and gap power projects to translate to HR power down the line. Good loft on the ball now. Easy projection for 18-20 home runs a year and depending on physical development, could max out with 25 annually. Offensive approach and advanced hit tool utility project him to translate power to games easily at each level. Grade (raw power) – 40/50
Arm stands up to the left side of the infield. Can make all the throws for SS and could handle third base throws as well. Quick release from multiple arm angles. Good accuracy. Good raw strength. Arm is true plus right now and should stay there. Grade – 60/60
Amateur scouts were consistent in believing that he would need to move to SS, more because of physical development than skills. Pro scouts in the Pioneer League saw a quality SS defender with a legitimate chance to stick at the position. Instinctual player with good first step. Reads the ball well off the bat and reads hops well. Can get to both sides with average to above-average range. Good hands and footwork. Quality defender overall with chance to be average at SS. If body develops too much, could easily move to 3B and tools would play there as well, possibly at a higher grade. Grade – 40/50
Shows consistent average times home to first with the occasional plus dig mixed in. Gets out of the box well and has good instincts on the bases. Average runner with a chance to maintain his speed; depending on the physical development. Grade – 50/50

Summation:  May have been under-drafted. Really strong potential on both sides of the ball. Bat can play at either SS or 3B. Raw ceiling of plus hit, plus power. More realistic projection for average levels in both areas, still making him a strong player. Good instincts at the plate; very natural. Tools play in games right now and additional refinement could really make them stand out. Solid defensive projection at shortstop and could stick there. Average range, good hands/feet, plus arm. Plus projection at 3B. Heady defensive player. As a shortstop, offensive projection lends to a perennial All-Star ceiling. As a third baseman, could still be an above-average player and occasional All-Star. Could be a big mover in the prospect world.

Relative Risk: High. Long way from maturity and the big leagues.

Future: Seager’s full-season debut demonstrated his excellent polish for his age and showed he should be ready for full-season ball as a 19-year old in 2013. Even if he moves a level at a time, he could be on the big league radar late in the 2016 season. If he maximizes his tools, he’s an All-Star talent.

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