Scouting Report: Jairo Beras (OF)

BLUF: Incredible power potential and more raw than most sashimi.

The Player: Jairo Beras (OF, Texas Rangers) – While most teams viewed Beras as one of the most prized targets on the 2012 international market, the Rangers managed to demonstrate he was eligible to sign well before that time. With a $4.5 million and a length review process by MLB, Beras was officially declared a Ranger in July.

Basis of Report: Compilation – Industry Contacts

Scouting Report

Body (6-5, 180): Extremely long, lean and ultra-projectable. Insanely long arms and legs. Tons of room to add mass and could still grow more. Solid athlete. Like many 17-year olds, he looks uncoordinated and unorthodox at times.
Hit: Very raw and lots of question marks. Has bat speed and plate coverage. Lacks barrel control and makes frequent weak contact because of an inability to stay on the ball. Has some raw tools to be an average hitter. Present ability is bottom of the scale but tremendous room for improvement and enough feel for hitting that he could get there in time. Grade – 20/50
Insane. Stupid. Crazy raw. Has plus bat speed, good strength at a young age and plenty of leverage in his swing. Raw is off the charts to the pull side and he can drive oppo as well. Utility is still developing because of raw hit tool. Has potential for top of the scale power and it should play at easy plus levels without full maturation of the hit tool. Tremendous raw. Grade (raw power) – 60/80
Shows plus raw strength. Doesn’t always play at that level in games because he can be a bit uncoordinated and throwing mechanics can vary. Should have easy plus arm at physical peak. Grade – 50/60
Played CF as an amateur but doesn’t profile there long term. Has athleticism, arm strength and physical profile for RF. Very raw in the field but shows good tools. Potential average defender down the line. Grade – 40/50
Long strides from exceptionally long legs. Gets down the line with average times but also shows slightly slower than that. Likely to slow down and be below-average with physical maturation. Shows occasional instincts on the bases but needs in-game development. Grade – 50/40

Summation:  Raw power stands out. Top of the scale BP/raw with potential to translate that level of production to games. Hit tool is unrefined and lots of questions exist. Tools for hitting are there, including plate coverage, hands that work and some instincts. Needs to develop. Power will be present even without full manifestation of hitting ability. Average runner that will slow down with maturity. Potential physical beast and middle-of-the-order slugger with 30+ HR potential. Should fit RF profile with solid athleticism, plus arm and potential for average defense. Huge boom or bust type with All-Star potential and tons of flameout risk.

Relative Risk: High. Off the charts risk with immature tools and tons of development required.

Future: Beras has the tools and potential to make his official Rangers debut in the US next year. His initial assignment will depend on his performance in extended spring training. There is no telling what a reasonable Major League ETA is at this point, but it is years away.


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6 Responses to Scouting Report: Jairo Beras (OF)

  1. maineskin says:

    These are the guys I love as a fantasy fan. Power continues to drop in the MLs as well as avg, so in a 10 team AL only w/4 minor res spots, am I crazy to roster this guy? I like to promote 2 a year w/the draft only being 2rnds per year

    • Mark A. says:

      I don’t typically dive into the fantasy realm as far as prospects go.

      However, if you’re going to consider Beras, even in the deepest of deep leagues, you have to be prepared for multiple years of seemingly nothing before he begins to show his raw talent. It is entirely possible that he struggles for a couple of years before beginning to put things together, and it could be 5-6 years before he is even on the big league radar.

      • maineskin says:

        Well I built my AL Only team for these next 3-4 years, so it actually ankles sense, a little. Gallo’s ETA I suspect is sooner, but still 2-3yrs off, so he’s #1. The top prospects are already owned, so to get a real impact player drafting them early is the ticket. But, as you’ve stated, he can flame out considering he’s all projection, so many guys do not draft minors below AA, some not w/o a season of AA established. Depending on who’s there, I might take a shot.
        Taking Iscar Tavares in my NL only on projection is an example of getting on the train early, so I’d be going really early.

  2. mb says:

    Thank you for not making a Juan Gonzalez comparison in this scouting report!! Looking forward to seeing how your Rangers top 15 plays out… Guzman, Alfaro, Beras…. Them some tall ceilings!

    • Mark A. says:

      The Juan Gonzalez comp makes sense, as long as it is taken in the proper context. That’s a physical comp and nothing more. He does look like a young Juan Gonzalez, and if you keep in mind the intent of the comp, then it becomes valuable information.

      • mb says:

        Was meant more as a comment about writing/recycling. Beras was a hard guy to try and get information on while MLB did it’s investigation of his age last summer. The one thing that seemed to be included in anything Jairo Beras related was a “future Juan Gonzalez” type comment. I really enjoy the work you do on this site and truly appreciate having something new to read each day!

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