The Lineup: 11/25/12

I had originally planned to begin running rankings on Monday, but I had a request for two scouting reports late last week that intrigued me, so I’ve pushed the rankings release until Wednesday. For this year’s rankings I will run in alphabetical order, regardless of league affiliation, beginning with the D’Backs. As a part of this year’s rankings release, I plan to complete an “Accountability Check” on last year’s rankings. Those of you that have been reading this site for a while understand what my Accountability Check’s do, providing a look back at my prior work and a way for me to do an azimuth check. I am hoping to run my Accountability Check in the morning, followed by the updated Top 15 ranking for that team in the afternoon. I hope all of you enjoy this year’s rankings!

Monday – Scouting Report: Jason Martinson (SS)
Tuesday – Scouting Report: Jairo Beras (OF)
Wednesday – Arizona Diamondbacks Accountability Check, Top 15 Prospects
Thursday – Scouting Report: Tyler Skaggs (LHP)
Friday – Atlanta Braves Accountability Check, Top 15 Prospects

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