The Lineup: 5/20/12

I had the pleasure of checking out Marcus Stroman’s latest start last week and I will be running a bit of a different scouting report on him. Instead of running a report that is a compilation of industry contacts and personal observations, this report will be my personal scouting report from an individual outing. I will also be continuing draft updates with two more editions of “Draft Notes” and a scouting report on Texas A&M outfielder Tyler Naquin. The only non-draft piece I have planned for this week is a scouting report on third baseman Nick Castellanos, who at the time of this going live, was still hitting .400 over six weeks into the minor league season.

Monday – Draft Scouting Report: Marcus Stroman (RHP)
Tuesday – Draft Notes: Edition #2
Wednesday – Scouting Report: Nick Castellanos (3B)
Thursday – Draft Notes: Edition #3
Friday – Draft Scouting Report: Tyler Naquin (OF)

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