Scouting Report: Stryker Trahan (C)

BLUF: Best high school catcher in the draft with plus power potential.

The Player: Stryker Trahan (C, Acadiana HS, Lafayette, LA) – Showcase circuit regular that has long impressed scouts. Committed to the University of Mississippi.

Basis of Report: Industry Contacts

Scouting Report

Body (6-1, 220): Very physical body. Built like a beastly linebacker with a thick, strong lower half and improving strength in his upper body. Fringe-average athlete that may have a hard time maintaining speed and agility as he bulls up with physical maturity. Good build for a catcher and has projection for good durability. 

Hit: Consistent ans balanced setup. Begins slightly open and narrow, then uses a toe tap to get in line before striding to the front edge of box. Can get aggressive with his stride and drop his eye level, giving him trouble against good pitching. Solid hands with above-average bat speed and some ability to adjust mid-pitch. Keeps the bat in the zone a long time with some elevation in the second half of his swing. Will need to improve pitch recognition and strike zone knowledge to maximize hiring ability. Likely to struggle against better pro pitching initially but has tools to be an average hitter in the end. Grade – 30/50

Power: Leverages off of front leg well and combines with good natural strength and bat speed to generate impressive raw power. Has good loft in swing and can crush majestic blasts when he squares it up. Gets a little power happy at times and can move more toward an uppercut than a lofted power swing. Shows easy plus power to the pull side and has strength for opposite field power, but doesn’t always trust hands to drive balls that way. Could have 20-25 home run power at his peak. Grade (raw power) – 40/60

Arm: Solid average arm strength. Release can get a little lengthy at times and make pop Times seem slower. Needs to improve accuracy on throws. Has enough arm for the position but won’t blow anyone away. Grade – 50/50

Fielding: Shows good tools behind the plate. Moves very well for his size and has improved his blocking ability with more experience. Good receiver for his age. Huge hands and he frames pitches pretty well. Works at his defense and shows regular improvement that is noticed by frequent observers. Has solid feel for handling his pitchers, but needs to work at feel for calling and reading the game as it is in progress. Could be a defensive asset given time to learn and polish his fame. Grade – 40/60

Speed: Runs exceptionally well for a catcher. Consistently turns in solid-average home-to-first times and can show a tick more than that during longer runs. Thick lower half leaves some scouts projecting a decrease in speed over time. Even as an average runner, he will be good for a catcher. Grade – 50/50

Summation:  Really intriguing catching prospect with Projectable defensive tools and legit left-handed power. Good feel for the game and a hard worker. Continues to improve behind the plate. Arm is weakest defensive tool and even that will play at the position. Power offensive profile could land him fifth or sixth in the order on a good club. Some questions about his long term hitting ability, but he shows good aptitude AMD solid hands that should let his power play.

Relative Risk: High. High school catchers generally carry a lot of risk. Trahan is no different. Needs all tools to come together to maintain value.

Draft Projection: Best high school catching prospect in the draft. Easy first round pick that should go in the teens.

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