Scouting Report: Nick Williams (OF)

BLUF: Incredible raw athlete and incredibly raw baseball player. Epitome of “boom” or “bust.”

The Player: Nick Williams (OF, Ball HS, Galveston, TX) – Can dominate Texas high school competition with raw athleticism and explosiveness.  Excellent workout and showcase performer that can put on a show at times. Committed to Texas.

Basis of Report: Industry Contacts

Scouting Report

Body (6-3, 190): Plus-plus athlete. Explosive. Lean, muscular body with good length while remaining proportioned. Excellent natural strength with room to add more. Bordering on a pro body now. Should be extremely impressive at physical maturity. Physically reminds me of a young Ken Griffey, Jr. 
Blazing fast hands. Hands work well and get the bat to the hitting zone quickly. Upper body and movement of hands/arms is very good. Lower body is a mess. Odd toe-tap that can throw off his timing and leave him flailing at off-speed pitches. Doesn’t remain on balance throughout his swing. Will sell out for power, leaning on back leg and exaggerating the loft in his swing. Can use the whole field when hitting fastballs. Extremely raw hitter with a lot of work to do. May never be better than fringe-average at his best. Grade – 20/40
Plus-plus bat speed and good leverage/loft in his swing give him potential for plus-plus raw power to all fields. Will sell out at times now. Needs to trust strength and bat speed to drive the ball, allowing the power to come naturally. Potential for 25-30 home runs if he hits. Grade (raw power) – 50/70
Odd throwing motion. Sort of a cross between a windmill and a shot put. Ball comes out of his hand well with average velocity. Accuracy release quickness are poor, keeping his arm from playing at an average level in game situations. Will require some work as a pro and could have an average arm. Grade – 40/50
Extremely raw. Frequently gets poor reads off the bat and takes bad routes to balls. Has speed for center field, but defensive instincts won’t allow him to play there. Some scouts don’t believe he works at his defense and he may never be a quality defender. Will likely be limited to left field. Grade – 20/40
Scouts I spoke with turned in 6.50 60-yard dash times. Easy plus-plus runner with explosive raw speed. Doesn’t know how to use it in the field or on the bases, but you can’t teach that kind of raw running ability. Good chance to maintain speed with body type. At worst, should remain a plus runner long term. Grade – 70/70

Summation:  Crazy raw tools. Explosive athlete with incredible power/speed potential. Extremely raw baseball player that must mature both physically and mentally. Needs improved focus in all game situations. Difficult to find comparable raw tools in this draft. Potential dynamic offensive player that impact the game in multiple ways at the plate. Will require substantial work in the minor leagues and is a huge project

Relative Risk: High. A high risk level just doesn’t quite do it with Williams. Extremely high would be more appropriate. Impressive athlete that has to learn the game of baseball and improve significantly in every phase of the game.

Draft Projection: Teams that drool over the tools and believe they can mold him may be aggressive and go get him in the back of the first round. Should go off the board in the supplemental round.

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  1. says:

    Totally off base about Nick Williams in your report.

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