Scouting Report: Carlos Correa (SS)

BLUF: Potential solid all-around player with pop and good defense up the middle.

The Player: Carlos Correa (SS, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy) – Correa enters his senior year at the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy as one of the school’s premier prospects in recent years. He has a college commitment to Miami but is considered signable by most teams.

Basis of Report: Industry Contacts

Scouting Report

Body (6-3, 190): Big and physical at just 17-years old. Some teams report him at 6-foot-4 already and there is a chance he could continue to grow over the next couple of years. Good present strength. Long limbs and a trim body that could fill out more as he matures. Solid athlete with good movements and good coordination for his age.
Solid fundamental swing. Typically shows quiet hands with a subtle trigger. Shows occasional loop in his load but has the bat speed to catch up to pitches right now. Will need to eliminate this against pro pitching. Bat gets to the zone quickly and he already shows ability to keep the barrel in the zone for a long time. Stride can get too long at times, moving his head up and down, preventing a consistent, level look at the pitch. Lacks pitch recognition skills and is frequently fooled by breaking pitches out of the zone. Makes good hard contact when he stays back and can use the entire field. Needs to learn strike zone and develop a better approach, but could be a solid hitter. Grade – 20/50
Physical player with present bat speed. Has room to fill out and add strength, leading to additional power down the line. Already has some loft in his swing and shows an ability to elevate the ball. With improved hitting ability, could have gap-to-gap power with potential for at least above-average home run power. Grade (raw power) – 30/60
Consistent, quick release. Has raw strength to make every throw required of the position, needs consistency with footwork to allow arm strength to show at all times. Accuracy should improve with experience.  Grade – 50/60
Good fundamental defender. Tracks the ball well and has soft hands. Has long strides and good first-step quickness, giving him above-average range to both sides. Aggressive defender that is still learning how to read hops and make the easy plays look easy. Game still moves very fast for him, but that’s not atypical for a player his age. How his body develops will determine if he can stay at third base. Has instincts, hands and arm strength to handle third base if he bulks up too much. Grade (as a shortstop) – 40/50
Average to above-average runner now with long, fluid strides. Potential to slow down as his frame fills out. Could settle in as below-average to fringe-average runner long term. Grade – 50/40

Summation:  Physically impressive with remaining physical projection. Still extremely young and very raw offensive player. Has strength and bat speed for power projection. Actualization of that power hinges on the development of his hitting ability which remains extremely unrefined and is the biggest question mark in his game. Believers in the bat project him as a potential .280 hitter with 15-plus home runs a year, from a premium defensive position. Some scouts are more pessimistic, wondering if he will ever hit enough to be a regular. Has defensive fundamentals to stick at shortstop, but his body may say otherwise. Very hard worker with a desire to improve and advance. High character kid that may will himself to success. Potential everyday guy that contributes across the board offensively and sticks on the left side of the infield.

Relative Risk: High. Extremely raw hitting ability needs to develop for the rest of his offensive game to be relevant. Very young and inexperienced with a huge gap between present ability and future potential.

Draft Projection: Good, solid player with youth and projection on his side. Teams that like him could pull the trigger as early as the middle of the first round. A strong showing in front of big league heat leading up to the draft could cement him in the first 15 picks.

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7 Responses to Scouting Report: Carlos Correa (SS)

  1. Drew Partsch says:

    Good luck kid go get picked by the Yankees the future World Series Champs

  2. Drew Partsch says:

    Have a good carrer kid

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  4. Jim Davey says:

    It appears the Astros did not want to repeat the 1992 draft when they passed on Derek Jeter with the #1 pick. The comparisons to Jeter may have made this a true “karma” choice. Good luck lad, perhaps we will see you in a ValleyCat uniform later in the season.

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  6. Alec Shull says:

    I had an opportunity to play against Carlos Correa in the Perfect Game Showcase. I saw him hit two home runs with wood as a 17 year old, and throw 97mph across the infield from shortstop. This kid will have a bright future as the game comes so natural to him.

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