The Lineup: 2/19/12

This week I will debut the final Top 15, timing the release of the Top 15 Tigers prospects with the formal release of the Top 20 list at Following release of the final team specific list I will move on to the BPN Top 150 Prospects and then roll right into the positional lists I have developed. It’ll be a big week around here so make sure you check in regularly!

Monday – Scouting the Swap: Burnett to the Pirates
Tuesday – Detroit Tigers Top 15 Prospect Rankings
Wednesday – BPN Top 150 Prospects
Thursday – Top 10 Right-handed Starting Pitchers
Friday – Top 10 Left-handed Starting Pitchers

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter with the handle @BPN_Mark for my overall prospect coverage and @TigsTownMark for my Tigers specific prospect coverage (and other random stuff like bourbon, beer, college hockey, etc.).

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2 Responses to The Lineup: 2/19/12

  1. tiger337 says:

    I’m looking forward to your top 150 prospects list. There’s a bunch of those out there, but your list will be one of the ones I trust the most.

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