Arizona Diamondbacks

2013 Prospect Rankings                                                    Scouting Reports (Date Written)

1. Archie Bradley (RHP)                                                    Trevor Bauer (12/13/11)
2. Tyler Skaggs (LHP)                                                       Archie Bradley (7/10/12)
3. Trevor Bauer (RHP)                                                      Andrew Chafin (5/10/12)
4. Andrew Chafin (LHP)                                                    Pat Corbin (4/30/12)
5. Styker Trahan (C)                                                          Adam Eaton (8/13/12)
6. Chris Owings (SS)                                                           Chris Owings (11/12/12)
7. Adam Eaton (OF)                                                            Tyler Skaggs (11/29/12)
8. Matt Davidson (3B)
9. AJ Pollock (OF)
10. Jake Barrett (RHP)
11. Michael Perez (C)
12. Anthony Meo (RHP)
13. David Holmberg (LHP)
14. Keon Broxton (OF)
15. Jose Munoz (3B)

Previous Rankings: 2012

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