About Mark Anderson

Some of you may recognize me from my work over the last several years with TigsTown.com and Scout.com. I have served as the Managing Editor at TigsTown.com since 2004 and have served as a Senior Minor League Analyst with Scout.com since 2009. My work at both sites included extensive scouting and analysis of prospects across the game.

In addition to these responsibilities, I have served as a Senior Minor League Analyst for Scout.com since 2009. Following the 2009 and 2010 seasons, I compiled Top 300 prospect rankings for the annual Scout.com Prospect Guide, along with other articles detailing the top prospects in baseball.

Away from scouting baseball and evaluating prospects, I work as a Civil Engineer for the US Army Corps of Engineers in the northeast United States and I am married to my beautiful bride Meaghan that is the love of my life! I have an affinity for a glass of bourbon — always served neat — and enjoy a fine dining experience, whether out on the town or prepared at home.

8 Responses to About Mark Anderson

  1. Jeff McCrery says:

    Bourbon???????? And here I thought your fav was a good Purple Canoe :)
    GO BRAVES!!!!!

  2. Sally Groters says:

    Quite a resume, my friend…..hope to see you in Lakeland…we will be there 3/21-28…hugs to Meaghan…..getting ready to begin our 14th year in the Whitecaps Host Family program. . . .WOW…

    .Sally & Don Groters,
    Comstock Park, Mi,
    Home of the West Mighigan Whitecaps

  3. Ryan Kelley says:

    Great work my man. Like your reports. If you ever want to collaborate, let me know.

    Ryan K.

  4. Billy says:

    Civil engineering? That’s impressive. As an aimless student, I wish I were motivated enough to pursue such an ambitious career.

  5. Where in the NE are you Mark? Love to take in a Bowie BaySox game with you sometime.

  6. Buen trabajo, se aprende bastante leyendo tus reportes, bendiciones desde Colombia.

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