Scouting Report: Clint Frazier (OF)

BLUF: Top player in the draft has elite raw power and plenty of other tools.

The Player: Clint Frazier (OF, Loganville High School) – Hit .424 with 24 home runs, 55 runs scored, 58 RBI, 14 steals and 31 walks as a junior in 2012. Broke Brandon Moss’ single season school record for RBI and home runs and also set the school mark for runs scored. Already owns the career home run mark at Loganville and has almost doubled Moss’ previous school best. As of April 8th, Frazier was hitting .561 with 11 home runs so far this season.

Basis of Report: Compilation – Industry Contacts

Scouting Report
Body (6-1, 190): Nearly physically mature but still has some physical projection remaining. Lean and strong. Well built; ripped. Very athletic. Fast twitch guy. Tremendous body and athleticism.
Hit: Elite bat speed. Exaggerated weight shift onto the back leg as part of trigger. High hands that shift back during load. Exceptional bat speed overcomes quirks in setup and attack. Makes up for minor mistakes early in process. Bat speed allows for late decisions but mind is often made up. Likes to swing early and often. Attacking approach. Needs to develop better concept of the strike zone to find pitches he can attack. Plate coverage is not ideal but crushes what he can get to. Lack of coverage and aggressive approach will lead to plenty of swing and miss but ultimately it won’t hinder his game. Raw hitter that needs to use the opposite field better. Very pull conscious now. Would be exploited by advanced pitchers and better breaking balls right now and may need multi-grade jump to reach average hit projection. I’m light on present ability to hit but optimistic about future potential. Grade – 30/50
Power: Best raw power in the draft. Elite bat speed and impressive natural strength lead to mammoth shots. Shows off in BP and can already translate to games against inferior pitching. 80 raw to pull side. Has strength and bat speed to show similar raw to opposite field but doesn’t trust hands and tries to pull stuff he should drive the other way. Raw plays down slightly as a result right now. Extremely consistent getting to the zone and can barrel pitches in the upper 2/3 of the strike zone. Lacks ability to go down and get it and drive it. Has good leverage at contact, hitting off a staunch front leg. Lift in the second half of the swing helps him drive it out of the park. Huge raw power that could translate to 40+ home runs at peak. Hit tool should be good enough for 80-raw to come out in games down the line. Grade (raw power) – 70/80
Arm: Good raw arm strength from outfield. Uses momentum well to get a little extra on throws. Doesn’t always follow through in OF and some throws can sail on him. When he finishes the throw, they are low and on a line with good velocity and carry. Easy plus arm that will support any outfield position. Grade – 60/60
Fielding: New to OF. Previously played SS and 3B. Not an instinctual OF defender. Reads and initial jump can be slightly delayed. Routes are typically good but he will get caught on hard hit balls to the gap and some hard ones right at him can give him trouble as well. Seems to be learning quickly. May not have the chops for CF long term but it is worth a shot. Fits in RF very well because of arm strength and athleticism. Should be average defender at least. Grade could jump with more repetition and pro instruction. Grade – 40/50
Speed: Shows 70-grade 60-yard times and 65/70 home to first times pretty consistently. High effort runner that gets after it on every play. Physical maturity will lead to some loss of speed but he will still be a plus runner. Should be an asset on the bases once he adjusts to pro game. Grade – 70/60

Summation: Twitchy athlete with good present strength and some physical projection remaining. Exceptional power prospect. Absolutely elite bat speed and top-of-the-scale raw power. Hit tool has to develop, including plate coverage, pitch recognition and approach but has the elite bat speed to cover some weaknesses in the overall hitting approach. Potential average hit that should allow 80 raw to play in games. .270-.280 hitter with 40+ home runs at peak. Athletic enough and runs well enough for CF assignment but instincts are not there yet (new to the position). May not get there and may fit better in RF where plus speed will play just as well. Ultra-aggressive player with high energy and good makeup. Potential star-level player with power as the standout tool.

Relative Risk: High. Aggressive hitting approach has to be developed against more advanced pitching.

Draft Projection: Arguably the top player available in the draft. Easily the top position player for me. Monster power potential will keep him atop draft boards even with questions about how the hit tool develops and whether he stays up the middle. Excellent talent that is too much to pass up in the top two or three picks.

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8 Responses to Scouting Report: Clint Frazier (OF)

  1. Steve says:

    Great report. What do you make of his present difficulty picking up breaking balls…is it correctable in his case?

    • Mark A. says:

      It is certainly something that must be watched closely and focused on in his development. I have a little worry that it will hinder his ability to tap into his huge raw, but in reality he is projected to have swing and miss in his game long term, so it is bot radically altering his projection. I think he can still become an average hitter even with this weakness.

  2. Rich says:

    From all the scouting reports I have read, Frazier sounds like he could develop into an absolute monster. Keith Law recently said Frazier’s bat speed is faster than that of Javier Baez and perhaps the quickest he has ever seen at the amateur level. Would you agree with that assessment? Also, some seem to be higher on Meadows, but you indicate it shouldn’t even be that close (I tend to agree with you). What sets those two apart?

    • Mark A. says:

      Frazier’s bat speed is ridiculous. I have not seen him personally in 2013 but all reports indicate his bat speed is near elite, as is Baez’s. I wouldn’t object to Law’s comment in that regard.

      I don’t see how anyone could be higher on Meadows at this point. His tools aren’t as loud, he has little chance of sticking up the middle. The only reason I can rationally see for rating Meadows ahead of Frazier is if you are afraid of the unkown with Frazier. There are no logical comps for him. I can’t think of a player that he reminds me of. With Meadows, he’s a little more classically aligned, which makes comping him easier and makes it easier for some to get their head around. Personally, I’ll take the guy with the crazy bat speed, insane raw power, chance to stay up the middle, and that plays like his hair is on fire.

      • Rich says:

        If anything, from what I have read, Meadows seems like more of the risk to me. I would assume it is Frazier’s size and “lack” of projection that scares some off, but with potential 80 power and insane bat speed, I am not sure what there is to be afraid of here even if he doesn’t stick in CF. Anyway, I am excited about this draft, and very intrigued to see where Frazier lands. I have seen mocks where he is top five and others where he falls out of the top ten. Personally, I think he is the best position player in the draft and the most likely to be an All-Star caliber player.

  3. Mitch says:

    Thanks Mark, I enjoy reading your reports. I’m a long suffering Cub fan who hopes Theo goes bat with 2nd overall pick. Assuming both Bryant and Frazier land in RF who projects as the better MLB player? Is it a coin toss?

    • Mark A. says:

      Frazier has a chance to play a premium position with his speed, possibly sticking in center field. He’s a lot riskier than Bryant, but I’m very partial to Frazier.

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