The Way Ahead at BPN

The Way Ahead at BPN

As I am sure you have all noticed, my writing has been a bit sparse over the last few weeks. With a newborn baby girl in the house, everything has been a little crazy and writing about baseball has fallen down the priority list.

We are starting to come up for water in the Anderson household and that should allow my writing at BPN (and other outlets) to pick back up a bit. That said, I have a lot on my plate right now and as I want to give plenty of time to my efforts at TigsTown and Baseball Prospectus, I am going to be cutting back slightly here. I still plan to publish about three pieces a week at BPN and much of the content over the next few months will be scouting reports. I will again be publish scouting reports on the potential top draft picks and that should start this week.

As always, fire away with questions here on the site, via email or on Twitter and I will be happy to tackle them. If you have requests for specific scouting reports, just let me know.

Thank you for continuing to check out the site and I hope the reduced schedule over the next few months will still provide prospect hounds with plenty of valuable content!

On to the lineup….

Monday – Draft Scouting Report: Austin Meadows (OF)
Wednesday – Scouting Report: Casey Kelly (RHP)
Friday – Draft Scouting Report: Jonathan Gray (RHP

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter with the handle @ProspectMark for my overall prospect coverage and @TigsTownMark for my Tigers specific prospect coverage. On either feed you may find random notes about bourbon, beer, and other miscellany…

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6 Responses to The Way Ahead at BPN

  1. shirtless guy says:

    I know you’ll probably get around to it at some point, but would love to see a report on draft prospect Jonathan Denney

  2. coby76 says:

    Really looking forward to reading your report on draftees.

  3. DrBGiantsfan says:

    As a father of 2 daughters who are both now adults, you have a lot of joy to look forward to as well as a lot of gray hairs.

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