Accountability Check: Phillies 2012 Top 15 Prospects

Philadelphia Phillies 2012 Top 15 Prospects (1/19/12)

The Phillies had an odd list last year and it shows as when I go back to look at my performance. Predicting the rise of players like Darin Ruf or Cody Asche would have been difficult and I imagine few accomplished that feat prior to the 2012 season. I openly admit only Asche was even remotely on my radar.

I was extremely aggressive with Sebastian Valle in last year’s rankings, pushing him to the top as the only player I thought had a viable shot to become more than a middle-of-the-road player. It doesn’t look good in retrospect but I still haven’t given up on Valle as a player with a big league future.

I have never been the biggest believer in the now departed Trevor May and I wish I had gone to the extreme of ranking Jon Pettibone ahead of him last year. Pettibone lacks May’s raw stuff but he does offer greater feel for pitching and an improved likelihood of remaining a starter. Pettibone gets overlooked because of his merely solid numbers and solid stuff. I tried not to overlook him last year and I believe that was a success.

Several raw young players that I pushed up the list included Maikel Franco, Lisalverto Bonilla, Aaron Altherr, Roman Quinn and Larry Greene. With Franco I believe my rating was a success and only wish I would have pushed him higher. With someone like Altherr, the tools got in the way of seeing the real issues with his game and that’s something I’ve been working to temper this year. I was deliberately cautious with both Quinn and Greene last year. Hindsight says that was a good move with Greene, not so much with Quinn.

I included a couple of relievers in the top ten in Aumont and De Fratus, a move that wasn’t bad, but wasn’t really good either. Both have their warts but they should be viable big leaguers at some point. They deserved inclusion, maybe just not in the top ten when players like Quinn were pushed down a bit.

I’m pleased with my decision to leave Julio Rodriguez off the list and I will continue to hold that course this year. I should have been more assertive with Carlos Tocci and Adam Morgan at this time last year and that will be corrected when the 2013 list comes out.

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